VirtualDub Filters

This page contains the VirtualDub filters developed by me. For each of the following you can find the executable filter and the source code in the Download Area .

The radial luminance and anti-flick filters have been designed to perform 8 mm e super 8 videoclip restoration.

LUMA-RGB Colors Correction


This filter allows you to adjust colors in RGB space using an approach similar to the one used in YUV space. Each pixel is convert to four values. Assuming (R,G,B) as the original pixel components:
  1. Luma = MIN ( R, MIN(G,B) )
  2. Red = (R-Luma)
  3. Green = (G-Luma)
  4. Blue = (B-Luma)

The usual corrections functions: gain, offset and gamma are applyed to the 4 channels ( Luma, Red, Green, Blue ). The additional GLOBAL channel applays simultaneously to color components ( Red, Green, Blue ).

You can download from:
Download Area

RGB Colors Correction


This is a Virtualdub filter to be used for adjusting colors, brightness, contrast and gamma. It should be very fast: the only work done during frame processing is a pixel values remap using a prebuilt table according to user selections.

You can download from:
Download Area

Radial Luminance Correction


This is a Virtualdub filter to be used for adjusting intra frame radial luminance. It is suitable for films shoot from a 8mm or Super 8 projection. In this kind of movies the center of the frame gets to most of the luminance while the border gets darker. It uses a tstudent distribution to correct. It allows adjusting luminance and rgb colors too. I suggest you to use it also if you need just a brightness, contrast, colors correction filter. I think it allows for better corrections than standard filters. It can go faster than a standard correction filter because of the algorithm I use: it builds, according to user selected parameters, 3 pixel remapping vectors, so no calculus at all are performed while processing frames (except for radial correction).

You can download from:
Download Area


This is an updated version of the original filter designed by Donald Graft. It is made up of two distinct filters: one to prepare the video and one to process it.



According to the original Donald Graft version, it has the following improvements:

You can download from: Download Area