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  1. Virtualdub filters
  2. RC PWM Motors Regulator
  3. Studio EDL to Avisynth Translator (trial)
  4. Auto Center Pan (trial)

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Virtualdub Filters :

Filter Name Version Date Read Me File Download Filter (VDF) Download Source
LRGB Colors Correction 1.a. 09/04/06 LRGB Colors LRGB Colors filter LRGB Colors sources
Colors Correction 1.f. 13/12/02 Color Corr. Color Corr. filter Color Corr. source
Radial Luminance 2.1 18/12/02 Radial Lum. Radial Lum. filter Radial Lum source
Anti-flick 2.0. 18/12/02 Prepare
Deflick filter Deflick source

RC - Two Motors PWM regulator :

Version Date Circad98 File PIC Software



Studio to Avisynth Translator (trial) :

VersionDateCommentsDemo download



Studio 1.8

version 1.1.0

Auto Center Pan (trial) :

Release Date Comments Download Demo
1.0 ( eng ) 01/02/06 English version

Download English Trial Version

1.0 ( ita ) 01/02/06 Italian version

Download Italian Trial Version