Auto Center Pan

Program to center the comment human voice audio for camera shooted videos.

This is NOT freeware, you are allowed to download the trial version just to evaluate it's capabilities. It's NOT ALLOWED any kind of DISTRIBUTION other than downloading from this site.

The fully functioning version can be bought here for 25 €.

© 2006 - Alessandro Malanca

When shooting whith a camcoder very often we speek to explain the movie, but the audio voice is normally fixed mainly on one of the two stereo channels (usually left). This application allows you atomathically scan such a wave audio lookking for fragment sontaining the misscentered voice zones, it will then correct them by centering the voice as it was mono and adjusting the volume if needed.

Note: By now the oly supported format is wave 16 bit signed, obviuosly stereo.

Screen shoot (english version)


System requirements


You have just to download the .zip file from the download area and unzip it in a direttory you choose.
If you like create a shortcut toAutoCenterPan.exe on the desktop.

Tutorial : a usage sample

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© 2006 - Alessandro Malanca